Larión 2022

Usually this type of wine is improperly defined as ‘basic wine’. In the past, we called this wine the anonymous and generic name ‘Bianco’, which also gave this impression. But it’s not really my thing to imagine a wine that is less cared for, less loved than others. Therefore we wanted to change its name to better define it; a name that refers to the area – San Gioani Larión being the dialect version of the name of the municipality in which we carry out our work. Larión, is more impactful due to the presence of Chardonnay, I like to think of it as the opposite of Montemagro. Thanks to this wine we have experimented and learned a lot, because with Chardonnay we test new winemaking techniques, which we then apply, with due caution, on Durella, a sacred monster that is difficult to tame. So we have moved, over the years, from maceration to direct pressing, and then back to cold maceration; and then flower musts and a continuous succession of experiments to find the maximum expression without losing anything of the work done in the vineyard and the land. In this way we try to leave our particular mark on the most widespread variety.

Variety: Chardonnay 85 – Durella 15%

Vineyards: Cengielle, high Cengielle, low Pollini, Verzini; Durella second must of Galore and Pollini

Training system: Simple Guyot, Pergola Veronese

Average production per plant: 1500 gr

Harvest time: from the 2nd and 3rd week of September
Maceration on the skins for the Chardonnay, while direct pressing for the Durella. The Durella is aged in wood while the Chardonnay remains suspended in steel on the lees for the whole time. Blended in March with a short rest in the bottle