Kalipè 2020

A few words are enough to describe what I feel when I think of Pinot Noir (and I think about it often) – a beastly effort. I chose to plant it and look after it, so I am responsible for it. This is also why we decided to rename it: Kalipè is a greeting used in the Himalayan areas which is addressed to those who set off towards the mountains, as a wish whose meaning is to be able to “always walk at a short and slow pace, to finally reach the summit.” I really feel like I’m on my way to the top, Pinot Noir being such. Yet, since I have been working on it with patience and with all the love possible, few vintages have thrilled me. I am in constant conflict with it, a sort of quarrel between father and child, both too proud to give in to the other. It doesn’t give up, and rightly so, but I don’t give up either. However, I like to think that after fourteen years I am finally starting to seriously understand its weak points, which are essential to being able to face it. Yet it continues to hide within itself a secret that I still want to discover. I believe that Pinot Noir can reveal itself in its enormous, inimitable grandeur only when this secret is mastered; then, only then, will it be possible to enjoy it like crazy. I’m putting it in my sights, give me a few more millennia, and then we’ll see.

Variety: Pinot Noir

Vineyards: Bogonara, Sotto Cavazza

Training system: Simple Guyot

Average production per plant: 400 gr

Harvest period: 2nd and 3rd week of September
For this vintage we decided to harvest at two distinct moments, about 10 days apart. Sotto Cavazza and part of Bogonara ripen much earlier, while the more clay based part of Bogonara ripens later, retaining a greater freshness. We vinify separately, resulting in two very different wines. Fermentation takes place in closed vats and only pumping over takes place, then we rack it off. The refinement takes place in barriques. We blend them and they remain in the bottle as long as necessary.