Epochè 2019

Our dear Arione leaves, together with the dear friend who gave him his name (GF). Even if both continue to remain, Arione having only changed its name and style a little, the friend having changed form, having become pure spirit. I chose this name which fully reflects the path undertaken. Epochè actually means ‘suspension of judgement’; a work that I try to explore intimately, as I believe that in each of us resides our own pure seed, contaminated by the external world in which we find ourselves having to live. Trying to search for that seed without any prejudice, with a free mind, is really beautiful. Thus, since the 2019 vintage, by changing its name, the wine has also changed. A little less oxidative, having simply brought forward the tirage, allowing us to have slightly less evolved dried grapes, and thus affecting the base in a different way. It is exciting to imagine the outcome in the years to come.

Classic Method, 24 months, pas dosè

Variety: Durella

Vineyards: Vignale, Galore, Capitelli, La Riva, Cucche, Pollini

Training system: Simple Guyot, Pergola Veronese

Average production per plant: 800 gr

Harvest time: 1st week of October
The grapes are pressed in whole clusters, the must ferments in steel, except for a small part (10%) which ferments in wood; we keep the yeasts in suspension until the end of January and then leave them to rest for a month. Towards the end of February we begin to prepare the fermentation foot with dried grapes; once ready, we crush all the grapes and estimate the amount of sugars to calculate how much base can be used to make sparkling. We try to mix the base and the must at the same temperatures and then bottle. Subsequently we take the bottles to a temperate place in order to trigger the fermentation. From there we wait 24 months, then disgorge by adding the same wine.