Rosa per voi 2020

The story of this wine comes from my family, and speaks of a gift. One evening, having dinner and drinking a good rosé wine, my daughter Edda looked at me and said “Dad, why don’t you make a rosé for us too?”. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I spent the next day in the cellar trying the blend between Pinot Noir and Durella, discovering that it could work. During harvest we haven’t used the pressed musts or the wines derived from them for many years now (in order to improve the Kalipè or to have more fragrance in the Epoché), we usually keep the pressed ones aside. So in this way Rosa per Voi was born. It is a new wine, with a very summery twist, a thirst-quenching glass to share on warm summer evenings. The 2020 vintage was not immediately ready, so it has a 24-month refinement. Hurray!

Variety: Pinot Noir from Kalipè must; Durella from second must of the Epochè

Vineyards: Bogonara, Sotto Cavazza, Cucche, Pollini

Training System: Simple Guyot, Trentino pergola

Average production per plant: 800 gr

Harvest period: 2nd and 3rd week of September
Classic method, unfiltered. The percentage of the two grapes varies from year to year according to their values. The Pinot Noir ages in wood while the Durella in steel. The assembly takes place before the tirage, carried out with the Durella grape must. Rest on the lees for 24 months and no dosage at disgorgement.