Montemagro 2020

If Chardonnay can be taught in any way, then Durella just says “No”. Either you like it just the way it is, otherwise nothing. Suffice to say that in Sensitive Crystallisations it shows its difficulty in accepting other grapes in the event of cutting. It’s truly incredible. Therefore for our Montemagro we only have Durella in all its purity. Various tests and adjustments have been made over the years, and we will continue to make them, also taking into account the different vintages. At a certain point I made a mistake in wanting to make it as an international product: it was almost like not wanting to love it for its characteristics, but only for what it could become. And so, with the 2014 vintage, Montemagro gave me two slaps in the face, making me understand what a Durella with a nice acidity was. From there I found a straightforward path. Even though I am proud of the outcome that was so difficult to achieve, I still don’t feel like I have reached where I would like to be, neither in the vineyard nor in the cellar. For this reason we have set up a project that will allow us to understand with absolute precision where, in our lands, the best Durella grapes can grow. Every year we hope to be struck by the light!

Variety: Durella Vineyards: Capitelli, Sottomarino, La Riva, Rivato

Training system: Simple Guyot

Average production per plant: 800 gr

Harvest time: October/November
Classic white vinification for this vintage, pressing with destemmed bunches using only the flower must, with fermentation in large 30hl Slavonian wood and a 20hl round French oak. We keep the yeast in suspension until the month before bottling (about September), then a gentle rest in the bottle for about 18 months.